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How Body Temperature Detection Will Control Workplace COVID Outbreaks

Body Temperature Detection For The Workplace

Even as Australia and its workforce open up, body temperature detection will remain vital to providing a safe workplace for your staff and customers.

Thermal body temperature detection systems screen people as they walk into your business. These systems operate accurately from a distance and provide reporting, so they are ideal for creating safe workplaces as Australia recovers from COVID.

Body temperature detection delivers contactless readings

Body temperature detection, also called fever screening, offers contactless body temperature readings as people walk into work. You can set up these devices at the entryway of your business so that employees or visitors can have their temperature taken before entering the premises.

Body temperature sensors are safer than traditional thermometers. Handheld infrared body temperature detection systems require a person to operate them by hand and stand only a few feet away from someone. So, it is not an ideal method for social distancing.

You can situate body temperature detection systems on a wall or as a freestanding unit. These systems also do not need a person operating them. So, you can avoid the troubles of cleaning handheld devices as different people use them. Thermal body temperature screening is completely contactless as it can detect the person’s temperature from a much further distance.

Body Temperature Detection Delivers Contactless Readings

Get accurate readings of a person’s temperature

Body temperature detection systems provide accurate body temperature by leveraging thermal imaging cameras. These systems use a regular camera to identify the face and eyes. Then, they use a thermal camera for measuring the temperature of the tear ducts and face.

Thermal cameras are more accurate than handheld infrared devices. Handheld devices require specific operations and can generate inaccurate readings if leveraged incorrectly. For example, an operator might hold the device too far away or too close to someone, creating inaccurate readings that are either too hot or too cold.

Thermal body temperature detection systems check someone’s temperature across their entire face, rather than just a single point on their forehead. They can also provide accurate readings for multiple people as they walk past the sensor. So, you can gather accurate readings without creating a bottleneck at the entrance of your workplace.

Get Accurate Readings Of A Person’s Temperature

Efficiently manage body temperature detection

Thermal body temperature detection systems function unattended and do not require you to train staff on operating the device. These systems automatically manage body temperature data for visibility of potential viruses in the workplace.

Thermal body temperature detection systems can automatically send out alerts via SMS or email if someone at the entrance of your workplace receives a high-temperature reading. You can also select a solution with flashing red or green lights to alert the people at the door to enter the building. Finally, your smart thermal temperature device can create and deliver reports of temperature measurement to authorised people within your organisation.

These systems often need more attention when setting them up, but they require little management from your end once deployed.

Efficiently Manage Body Temperature Detection

Your temperature screening solution with Soma

soma technology group can be your partner in creating a safe environment for your staff and customers in the post-COVID workplace. 

Our thermal imaging solutions provide accurate measures of a person’s core temperature and send an alert if they have a high reading. We have experience implementing such solutions for use cases, including healthcare, retail, offices, professional rooms and warehouses.

Visit our temperature screening solutions page for more information.

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