Temperature Screening Solutions

Help control the spread of COVID-19 and provide a safe workplace for your staff and visitors.

What is a Temperature
Screening System?

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Temperature screening or a ‘thermal body temperature scanner’ is a device used to accurately screen potential viruses before they get into a building. These devices detect visitors and staff presenting unusually high body temperature commonly associated with infection and illness.

Using infrared technology, temperature screening systems get a visual gauge of the heat emanating from a person. The thermal body temperature scanner not only detects heat but can give an accurate reading of a person’s core temperature. As a high temperature is one of the key symptoms of common viruses, being able to screen it from a distance could detect a person carrying a virus before they get into contact with a large group of people.

Temperature screening equipment and systems have slowly been implemented by public medical places, and airports in an effort to stop viruses from spreading. But now, as employers are growing increasingly concerned for the safety of their staff, workplace temperature screening solutions are becoming the norm.

Temperature Screening Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

soma technology group delivers the experience across a broad range of workplaces, facilities and industries needed to develop a tailor-fit technology screening solution needed to keep your workforce safe. We understand the requirements for detecting potential infections, safely and effectively, with as little interference to your workforce as possible. Some key areas of focus for soma when it comes to delivering temperature screening solutions include:

Why choose soma for your Temperature Screening Solution?

The team at soma are local experts when it comes to temperature screening, people flow management solutions, and the technologies involved in developing the right solution in any workplace environment.

Industry-leading cameras

Our temperature screening solutions include the latest temperature checking camera(s) with or without integrated Access Control.

Contactless screening in high flow area

Our solutions deliver fast, accurate, and contactless screening of groups of people in high flow areas or simple meeting and access points.

Multi-screening capability

soma’s temperature screening systems can screen multiple people at once, and even detect if someone is wearing a mask.

Discreet & minor disruptions

Our temperature screening camera devices offer a discreet solution to process workers without disrupting their day.

Experienced professionals

soma is experienced in delivering configuration and management to assist any temperature screening device or solution and cater to the needs of a large variety of industries and their specific needs.

Ongoing support & services

soma provides ongoing support and services for our customers to ensure they remain one step ahead - no matter what the future throws at us!

Contactless Temperature Screening Solutions vs Handheld Temperature Scanner Solutions

Contactless Temperature
Screening Solutions
  • Accurate temperature measurements
  • Safe non-contact screening
  • Minimal interference to workforce 
  • Multi-person measurement, efficient access
  • Provides visual of abnormal temperatures 
  • Enables alerts to facilitate identification
  • Non-mask detection for intelligent control
Handheld Temperature
Scanner Solutions
  • Slow, manual process
  • Requires close quarters for use
  • Provides an additional infection risk for operator
  • Drains human resources due to manual operation
  • Prone to human error or misuse
  • Provides a number reading, no visuals
  • Individual readings only – no multi-person functionality

Your 17-point guide to choosing a Temperature Screening Solution

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Temperature Screening Systems FAQs
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soma can provide a safer environment for your staff and customers. soma technology group, in partnership with leading manufacturers, offers a range of temperature screening systems that combine facial recognition and temperature measurement. Paramount in times of crisis but necessary irrespective of circumstances, our robust IoT based solutions perform across all industries of just about any size.

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