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Our expert team is experienced across the full spectrum of digital disciplines and ready to provide your organisation with the strategy and skills to help you achieve your vision.

Often the most challenging stage of an ICT project sits before the starting line. Every business is built differently, and understanding the technology options and your best path forward can be a confusing and immensely stressful experience for any business to take on and steer.

This is where soma truly shines. Our local team of experienced ICT professionals are veterans at providing the full spectrum of digital transformation, strategic decision making and business continuity advisory and consulting services across a large variety of different industries. 

With this knowledge and industry-specific expertise, soma is ready to guide your projects successfully from start to finish. Before diving into the deep end on a project, consider the benefits of adding soma into the mix for your next project.

Our advisory and consulting services include:

ICT Strategic Review & Planning

To ensure resilient and effective ICT delivery for your organisation, you need to start at the beginning with the right strategy and planning.

ICT Roadmap Workshops

ICT experience and expertise are crucial in mapping your organisation’s road ahead.

Adoption and Change Management

Technology continues to evolve, and you must ensure your team is on top of the latest innovations to capitalise on them effectively.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, your rganisation needs the resilience to withstand its impacts and carry on operations effectively.

Site Relocations

Are you moving or expanding your base of operations? Get your ICT right from the get-go to hit the ground running.

Enterprise Architectural Design

Technology is the backbone of today’s enterprise, and designing the right foundation is critical to success.

Digital Transformation Advisory

Transitioning your organisation into a digitally-enhanced powerhouse needs experienced advice to succeed.

Wireless Mapping and Auditing

You need the right network fuelling your operations for your team to collaborate, communicate and perform at their best.

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