Managed Services

Our managed services provide unlimited and all-inclusive support, maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure for one fixed monthly price.

Your business is no longer a 9-5 operation, so it stands to reason that your IT environment cannot realistically follow these time limitations. This leveling-up of management and processes does not need to be a daunting task. With  the experience and expertise of soma helping steer your ICT environment you can be assured your technology and systems will work for you and not the other way around.  

Our managed services provide unlimited and all-inclusive 100% Australian support, security, maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure for one budget-friendly fixed monthly price. At soma, we are always focused on ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of your users is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Managed Service offerings include:

Managed ICT Services

The ever-growing stockpiles of devices, networks and applications require continuous maintenance and management in every organisation. Soma’s Managed ICT Services ensure you get the best out of your tech.

Managed Security Services

The cyber threat landscape is increasing with its volume of attacks and their sophistication. To stay on top of it all, cyber expertise is necessary to keep you secure and resilient.

Mobile Device Management

The use of mobile devices for business operations has gone from a nice-to-have to an essential function in the wake of the Work-From-Home boom.

Managed IT Support

The days of expecting fast in-house solutions to our everyday IT problems are long gone. Reliable expertise is needed to ensure our teams can deliver their best work and resolve the ever-increasing range of device and system issues they face.

IT Asset Management

Our IT assets are as crucial for modern businesses as the staff who utilise them. Effective management of our technology is now an essential service that cannot be overlooked.

IT Procurement Services

To get the best tech at the best price, you need someone with experience and the right vendor relationships to procure the best tools for your organisation and budget.

IT Licensing Management

In a highly competitive marketplace, over-paying or over-licensing software and apps is far too easy to do without professional support with vendor relationships.

Cost Optimisation

Get the most bang for your budget when it comes to all things IT by leveraging experienced support to reduce costly inefficiencies across your organisation.

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