Networking & Connectivity

Fast, reliable and secure network connectivity to effectively collaborate and conduct operations is the backbone of any successful enterprise.

Not all networks are created equal, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that caters to every organisation’s unique situation and needs. Whether you are spread across multiple locations, growing at pace or pivoting to work-from-home capabilities, a reliable fast and secure network is crucial.

Having the right team can only go so far without the right network to enable effective collaboration and communication and you need someone with proven experience to know what network fits your needs.

soma has a long and successful track record of providing end-to-end networking solutions you need for ensuring your team is always connected and secure and ready to take on their next project anywhere, at any time.

Our networking and connectivity services include:

Network Design and Optimisation

You need a robust, reliable and fast network to empower your team to collaborate, communicate and perform at their best from anywhere, at anytime.

Wireless Networks

Eliminating the tangle of network cables and freeing your staff from their desks is essential for an efficient modern workplace.

Firewall Management

Firewalls are a foundational step in securing any organisation’s digital presence. Ensuring they are updated and performing needs experienced management.

Network Security

Your network and all the device and application entry points need to be carefully managed to be adequately protected from escalating cyber threats.

Advanced Firewalling

When security is of the utmost importance, advanced firewalling is a crucial step in risk mitigation and your overall cyber security strategy.

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