Collaboration & Productivity

We empower organisations to break through barriers and achieve true, free-flowing, streamlined collaboration from anywhere, at any time.

soma are your go-to Aussie experts at delivering digital transformations and evolving how their customers efficiently collaborate and communicate to delight their own customers and empower their teams to deliver their best work.

With changes to where, when and how we work continually evolving, like the eruption of flexible work environments around the world in recent years, it is crucial to deploy your team with the right tools and technology to meet market expectations and continue to function as a cohesive workforce regardless of location.

By leveraging soma’s local experience and world-class technology solution expertise, organisations can break through barriers and achieve true, free-flowing, streamlined collaboration from anywhere, anytime.

Our collaboration and productivity services include:

Unified Communications (UC)

We all communicate and collaborate over a variety of channels. Tying this all together is essential for streamlined, efficient operations.

Contact Centre Solutions

Your contact centre is the crucial frontline for your organisation’s overall CX. Ensuring you get your customer service and support right is paramount to long-term success.

Microsoft SharePoint

Sharepoint provides a dynamic, productive hub for your content that empowers your team to deliver their best work and collaborate with ease.

Microsoft Teams

Multi-channel streamlined communication and collaboration for your entire organisation starts and ends with Teams.

Microsoft Teams Calling

The most widely used Microsoft tool can also unify effective calling to unify your entire organisation’s communication channels.

Microsoft Dynamics

To effectively manage and optimise your organisation’s resources, you need Dynamics to truly get the most out of your team and their tech.

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