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Soma says
“Sure, it’s daunting to consider making changes to
your organization’s technology. But, if your goals
include uncommon growth and operational excellence
then making change is part of the journey.”
soma’s IT Audit will highlight what your managed services needs are. We will work within your budget to provide you with the necessary resources from everything from Help Desk support to the vCIO level.

As your managed service provider, our core solutions are turn-key and scalable. We provide our clients with an IT department with our fully managed IT solutions. Your business is no longer a 9-5 operation, so it stands to reason that your IT environment cannot be either. For businesses that require true 24/7 support our managed services provide unlimited and all-inclusive support, maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure, for one fixed monthly price. At soma we are 100% focused on ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of your users.

Managed Services and Your Business

soma is a leading Australian based managed services company that brings a breadth of expertise, training, qualifications and experience to managing your IT needs. Let’s face it managing a business is hard and ensuring all aspects of a business’ operations are running like clockwork takes a team of professionals that are specialised in their respective fields.

soma’s managed IT solutions allow a business of any size to focus on its core competencies while leaving its day-to-day IT needs to a team of professionals that are not only proactive in managing your IT services but are also available 24/7 for your peace of mind. As your managed service provider, soma offers a single point of contact, convenience and flexibility for all of your IT needs.

Core Elements of Our Managed It Solutions:

soma service desk

soma provides enterprise quality 24/7/365 1st, 2nd and 3rd line service desk services. Highly qualified, ITIL certified expert technical support engineers provide our “always on” service and support from our Australian based Operating Centre.

Remote/Deskside Support

soma is a managed services company with offices across Australia that is better positioned to ensure consistent service and support to all of your locations. Special arrangements can be made to suit remote locations should deskside services be required.

Process Management

We adhere to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) which is the world’s most accepted approach to IT service management and delivery. ITIL isn’t just well-regarded among employers; it’s well-regarded all over the world. ITIL incident management and problem management processes also allow organizations to run blameless major incident reviews, eliminate root causes, and prevent incidents from reoccurring. ITIL’s emphasis on continual improvement means organizations keep getting better at reliable IT service.ITIL’s emphasis on continual improvement means organizations keep getting better at reliable IT service.

Automated Network Backups

Using a proven soma developed toolset, we incorporate the essential maintenance tasks that are often missed by in-house teams and other service providers. Regular server patching, software and license updates, plus the review, verification and testing of backup jobs are offered to our managed services company clients.

Regular soma Performance Reports

Feel confident knowing soma has your network covered. We provide full visibility and accountability, so you know the exact level of service you’re receiving.

Successful business growth requires an understanding of unmet customer needs. In order to make the most impact, companies need to act faster than the competition and do so in a sustainable, practical way. Take advantage of our unique capabilities and managed service models. soma will develop, manage and maintain your network and environment giving you the precious time needed to drive success and growth for your business in both the short and long term. We collaborate with key stakeholders to build a growth plan that will drive the most impact for your business.
stakeholders to build a growth plan that will drive the most impact for your business.

Other optional managed IT solutions

In need of a specialised solution? As a leading Australian managed service provider, soma can tailor managed IT solutions to meet the growing needs of your organisation. Request an IT Audit or Supply Chain & Billing Health Check with our team of dedicated managed service professionals and let’s get started today.

soma’s IT Audit

Are you brave enough to uncover the truth about your business?
If you’re not – you should be.

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Supply Chain and Billing
Health Check

soma will simplify the cost of your IT procurement, the Disposition of Data and/or Hardware PLUS monitor associated supplier contracts and their costs.

Eliminate mundane, costly and frustrating procedural tasks that sap the energy from your team by taking this 1 simple step; implement soma’s Supply Chain and Billing Health Check Services.

Cut through the clutter and streamline your processes. Our supply chain services manage each device’s lifecycle from procurement through to decommission, allowing you to run your business more efficiently. Add to that soma will maintain a Health Check of your services, contracts and Network costs so that you know that you’re getting what you pay for.

Imagine the time and aggravation that using soma’s Supply Chain and Billing Services could save your business? We know too well that this process is often overlooked, equipment that is approaching EOL can compromise your entire environment and accounts are often paid with ‘let’s pay today and ask questions tomorrow’ and tomorrow never comes. Instead of redirecting members of your Tech or Finance team, or worse still you, to conduct constant reviews and question suppliers ask soma to fulfill your supply chain and billing needs.

Our proven Billing Health Check service will decipher your cumbersome bill into a report that offers you historic cost comparison on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. It will clearly identify and reason any increased usages and charges; it will monitor changes to your services and any credits that may be due; plus, it will identify and pre plan required supplier changes to your environment such as being NBN ready. The nightmare of 100plus page supplier bills are soon a distant memory for soma clients using this service.


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