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Soma says
“As the pace of change increases, the need to invest more time looking ahead
becomes a basic requirement fundamental to your business’ longevity and success.
Leverage the help of our IT security consulting services as your business moves forward.”

IT Security Consulting

There are two areas to consider in IT security and risk management: internal compliance ensures adherence to the rules, regulations, and best practices as defined by internal policies, and external compliance is the practice of following the laws, guidelines, and regulations imposed by your industry.

Demand for risk and compliance experts in Australia has risen sharply over the last twelve months and will continue to increase in the year ahead. Studies have found that more than 60% of executives are seeking to employ as many as 5 additional resources to focus purely on IT security and risk management in the years ahead – an increase of close to 20 per cent on past years. New and evolving strategies are necessary within the compliance area of any industry and never before has IT security and risk management been as important as it is becoming now. Once again soma can assist with IT security consulting. Drawing from our consultative experience in IT security and risk management, we will support you in mapping a baseline compliance strategy that will adapt along with your business as inevitable changes within your industry occur; as they occur.

Manage IT risk and security in your organisation better, with the help of soma’s IT security consulting. Call us on 1300 131 559 and ask us about our IT security audits to get started.

What are IT Security Risks?

Information technology risks are the broadly understood potential impacts on your organisation and its stakeholders that are liable to occur as a result of the threats and vulnerabilities (for example, due to non-compliance) in the operation and use of IT systems in your business.

What is IT Security Compliance?

IT compliance describes how well your business or organization meets its own internal requirements and external third-party (for example legislative, regulatory, or legal) requirements for digital security.

How Can soma technology group Help?

As technology continues to fuel rapid industry evolution, the time between industry changes and disruption decreases. As a result, compliance, IT security and risk management require a forward thinking & tested approach, monitored continuously so that your business can remain a true reflection of the best risk management and compliance practices required in your industry. A once a year set and forget meeting is no longer effective or adequate.

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