Business Intelligence

Our BI suite of tools provides our customers with accurate data that delivers real efficiency and productivity gains to empower them to make the right strategic bets for their business.

Having all the data in the world is useless without the right tools to efficiently translate insights from it quickly, whenever and wherever you need it. To effectively make the right decisions, you need your data provided with accuracy and speed to provide relevant insights for strategic decision-making to take your organisation into a successful tomorrow. In today’s fast-paced environment, manually plugging data into a spreadsheet just won’t cut it.

soma’s business intelligence suite of tools ensures accurate data is produced quickly and delivered in an easily digested format for decision-makers to plan ahead and provide continuous improvements across their organisations.

We understand how crucial investing in business intelligence is because we have delivered solutions for our clients across various industries and have seen just how powerful data-driven insights and decision-making can be for an organisation’s efficiency and profitability.

Our business intelligence solutions include:

BI Reporting

Leveraging your data to optimise your organisation and drive profitability and decision-making needs robust, accurate and timely reporting to succeed.

BI Visualisation

Being able to quickly review data reporting through BI visualisation is crucial for quick decision-making and effective management.

BI Analytics

Determine the right path your organisation needs to take and drive continuous improvement through leveraging your data with BI Analytics

Reporting Automation

Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming report development through automation to truly get the most out of your data and analytics.

Power BI

A powerful interactive, visualised analytics tool delivers real-time insights to get the most out of your organisation’s data.

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