Cyber Security

The ACSC reported 67, 000 cybercrimes in 2021, costing Australian organisations over 33 billion dollars. Cyber security is now a must-have regardless of industry or business size.

Demand for risk and compliance experts in Australia has risen sharply over the last few years and will continue to rise in the years ahead. In both volume and complexity, the growing threat of the cyber threat landscape and its impact on Australia cannot be ignored. Ensuring your team has the right tools and training to mitigate the escalating threats is crucial for compliance, longevity and resilience.

New and evolving strategies are necessary within the compliance area of any industry and never before has IT security and risk management been as important as it is becoming now.

Drawing from our experience in IT security and risk management, soma can support you through a broad range of security-centric services. From mapping baseline compliance and risk mitigation strategies through to device management, threat detection and response that will adapt along with your business as inevitable changes within your industry when they occur.

Cyber Security Solutions

Security Advisory & Consulting

Bolster your organisation’s security with professional support guiding your risk mitigation and cyber security strategy.

Security Audit

Don’t wait for your organisation’s cyber security weaknesses to be exposed by utilising comprehensive security audits from an experienced provider.

Managed Security Services

Put your cyber security and risk mitigation operations in experienced hands to ensure security remains effective across your organisation.

Threat Detection & Response

Effective TDR is essential in today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threat landscape with experience and the right tools needed to ensure damage is mitigated or reduced.

Security Operations Centre

Combining the right people, processes and technology in one centralised hub is the best line of defence against the wide variety of cyber threats.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Strategic management of your organisation’s risk management and compliance obligations is essential for sustained business performance and risk mitigation.

Data Privacy & Compliance Evaluation

Identifying and resolving data privacy and compliance gaps in your organisation is essential for business sustainability and customer trust.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Most cyber breaches stem from human error and oversight, so you must ensure your team is trained to mitigate risk successfully.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Phishing attacks are one of the hackers’ most prevalent approaches to breaching your systems. Simulating these attacks will fortify the human element of your organisation’s risk mitigation.

Data Breach Response

When a breach occurs, you need experienced professionals on hand to effectively contain, assess, notify and review the attack to reduce the costs and repercussions.

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