Fever Screening Systems

soma technology group will provide a safer environment for staff, visitors, and occupants.

We can help you provide a safer environment for your staff and customers. soma technology group in partnership with leading manufacturers offers a range of fever screening systems that combine facial recognition and temperature measurement. Paramount in times of crisis but necessary irrespective of circumstances, our robust IoT based solutions perform across all industries of just about any size.

What are fever screening systems?

As the name suggests, fever screening or a ‘thermal body temperature scanner’ is a device used to accurately screen potential viruses before they get into a building. Using infrared technology, fever screening systems get a visual gauge of the heat emanating from a person. The thermal body temperature scanner not only detects heat but can give an accurate reading of a person’s core temperature. As a high temperature is one of the key symptoms of common viruses, being able to screen it from a distance could detect a person carrying a virus before they get into contact with a large group of people.

Fever screening equipment & systems have slowly been implemented by public medical places in an effort to stop viruses from spreading. But now, as employers are growing increasingly concerned for the safety of their staff, workplace temperature screening solutions are becoming the norm. Infrared temperature guns have been accepted as a widely used solution but pose an imminent threat as the user has to be in contact with a person to deliver an accurate read.  Workplace temperature screening solutions eliminate this risk, detecting health risks before they even enter the building.

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soma technology group will configure and manage the fever screening equipment most appropriate to your application including;
Professional Rooms
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Why choose soma fever screening equipment?

Our Fever Screening solution include the latest temperature checking camera(s) with or without integrated Access Control.

Fast, accurate, contactless screening of groups of people in high flow areas or simple meeting and access points.

soma’s fever screening systems can screen multiple people at once and even detect if someone is wearing a mask.

Our temperature checking camera solutions offer a discreet way to process workers without disrupting their day – giving your employees peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to ensure their safety.

Looking to buy thermal imaging cameras?

soma technology group will configure and manage the solution most appropriate to your application including hospital, healthcare, professional rooms, offices, warehouses, and retail.

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Fever Screening Solution
Don’t risk it with a handheld scanner

Not only does using handheld scanners cause risk to your employees, but it’s also a drain on human resources. Fever Screening systems remove the need for human interaction and do all the hard work for you. As temperatures are recorded in real time and abnormal readings are raised with visual alerts, you can rest assured knowing that soma fever screening systems won’t miss a potential risk.

Disclaimer: soma technology group does not represent any of their thermal camera solutions to be a medical device and they are unsuitable for clinical use.

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Looking To Buy Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Want to buy thermal imaging cameras for your business?

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