Your 17-point guide to choosing a Temperature Screening Solution

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of Aussie workers are concerned about infection risk in their reopening workplace
Source: Monash University

The world has never been more focused and concerned about our temperatures. The fear of a fever and its potential COVID implications has become an ever-present threat to workplaces and workforces wherever you look.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. Our faithful sidekick technology has come a long way when it comes to providing effective solutions to managing workforce safety and infection threats in the workplace, from handheld screening devices, remote infrared cameras to even facility entry screening terminals and kiosks. Regardless of where or what type of workplace you conduct operations in, soma has the solution to keep your facilities safe.

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Our guide comes with a comprehensive checklist covering 17 points across 12 key areas of focus for any organisation keen, or curious about taking back control of their facilities with an effective temperature screening solution.

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Organisational Concerns

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Reporting Channels

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Entryway Management Analysis

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Solution Considerations

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Accessibility Requirements

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Environmental Room Analysis

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Architectural Design Requirements

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Entryway Analysis

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Power Source Review

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Accuracy Requirements

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Entryway Volume Analysis

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Networking & Device Installation

soma are the Australian experts for effective Temperature Screening Solutions

soma has the technology experience and quality support needed to successfully deploy and manage an effective temperature screening solution. 

With this in mind, we have collated all the information you need, and the key questions your organisation needs to ask itself, to kickstart your temperature screening strategy and solution in our very own guide on this topic!

Covering Strategy, Expectations, People Flow and Workplace Environment, soma have outlined all the essential considerations and info you need to ensure your organisation is protected, and limits the threat of contagious illnesses infiltrating your workplace and putting your team at risk of infection.

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