Project Plan, Design and implementation strategy

Soma says
“In a digital world, speed and agility are essential.
Is your business and your people ready to take
full advantage of new waves of automation
and innovation? soma people are.”
With a highly talented and qualified team across multiple digital disciplines, soma has the bandwidth to help you in various ways, in fact, across the board
Whether you need a project manager or an experienced qualified consultant to execute the delivery of a project contact soma now. The aim of our project team is simple, and that is to support you by delivering all IT projects, on time, on budget and within scope.
Core elements of our Project and Consulting Services offering are:


We start any project by fully understanding, analysing and discussing your direction, vision and desired outcomes. At this point our soma team shine, their depth of knowledge and broad experience means that most often the discovery process leading to your Project Plan and Implementation takes less time than you may think.


Once we have fully understood your direction and desired outcomes, we then develop and document a full plan.

Our planning process is typically interactive and very consultative. Transparency and effective communication ensures that plans both adapt and minimise any delays.


The final stage in our process brings both our analysis, research, insight and planning to life.

Your soma Project Design clearly reflects your vision and desired outcomes. In many cases the designs we produce provide a better outcome than those that were originally envisioned and will naturally flex as your business grows. Utilize our adaptable engagement options to consult around a solution and/or implementation.

Other optional services

soma IT Audit

Are you brave enough to uncover the truth about your business?
If you’re not – you should be.

You can’t conduct your own audit without having a conflict of interest.

An IT audit doesn’t simply summarise your environment, equipment and frameworks. It extends to processes that impact the ongoing performance of your IT systems as well as industry best practice, documentation supporting your business processes, security and disaster recovery protocols.

We all like to think that our Network’s are secure and issue free. The fact is that a lot of the time you cannot control changes within your Network. Technically speaking an Audit will provide insight into an organization’s culture, policies and procedures. Audit results will assist board and management by verifying internal controls such as operating effectiveness, risk mitigation controls, and compliance with any relevant laws or regulations.

How does a soma Audit look? In summary, here’s how it will go;

  • Firstly, soma will investigate your IT infrastructure
    Our talented systems specialists talk to your key staff, review your processes and take a detailed inventory of your current technologies, applications and systems.
  • We will learn and understand your goals
    We make every recommendation with your future business plan in mind. We want to know your goals – one year, five years and a decade from now.
  • Identify IT gaps and SWOT your journey
    On one hand we will pinpoint processes and technologies that are costing you unnecessary time, money and resource, and on the other hand offer proven alternatives with clear differentiation around capability and the reasons for adoption.
  • Evaluate areas of critical risk
    We look at your security posture to identify pressing security risks. Some may not be affecting your business now but could cause serious problems in the near future.
  • Presentation time – your soma audit
    Detailed findings resulting from your audit will be presented where possible in person or via a channel of your choice. We don’t believe in confusing, long-form proposals that are difficult to understand. We cut to the chase and then we get to work.

The really good news

Usually, a soma IT Audit can be produced within 7 days. We understand the need for speed, you might be reviewing an incumbent’s performance, relocating or expanding the business or simply decide you want to uncover the truth. soma can feedback ongoing results confidentially via a private CEO and/or COO level dashboard. You set the reporting rules and recipients and we’ll take care of the rest.


Customised Web Applications

Run your business the way you want. With the right packaged or custom software applications, system integrations, and support, we can help you grow your business

Whether it’s a software we’ve built or a system you already have, soma can help you maintain and optimise the software you use to run your business.

Customised Web Application Development That Pays for itself
Just imagine, you have a business problem. Whether you struggle with costly data entry mistakes, disconnected technology or outdated systems, soma will help clarify and remedy your business problem, execute your vision and measure its success.

Using proven methodology, soma collaborates with your stakeholders to deliver a web application that meets your business goals the first time around. The success of your project relies on the complete understanding and adoption of your new system, which requires a persistent “Adoption is Not Optional” philosophy from everyone involved. Our project managers work with your team to ensure critical features are ready to go and additional improvements are identified and prioritized. Successful system adoption is a team effort, and we will be with you every step of the way. And with fixed pricing, the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

By incorporating frequent user testing in the development process, you can be sure all application components actually serve their purpose. Client feedback enables our developers to adapt to changing requirements, keep business objectives in focus and avoid project waste. The end result will be “problem solved” by using a solution endorsed by your team.


Start a conversation now to find out how soma Project Plan, Design and implementation strategy will benefit you and your business.

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