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Reasons to Replace Existing Telephony System with Microsoft Teams

4 Reasons To Replace Your Existing Telephony System With Microsoft Teams Phone

With a history spanning over 100 years, the humble phone call has remained essential to how we communicate and work despite more of us leveraging written forms of communication, such as instant messaging and email.

The reason: phones have continued evolving. Calling has evolved to become easier, from the clunky desk phones that populated offices fifty years ago to the smart devices we carry in our pockets today. As technology and workplaces evolve, what’s next for phone calls?

Microsoft Teams Phone is one platform optimising how we leverage phone calls at work. Here are four reasons why you should replace your existing telephony system with Microsoft Teams Phone:

Unlock next-level cyber security features

As cyber security breaches have continued to make headlines, it is essential that your business leverages a communications system with security in mind. The Microsoft Teams Phone system includes cyber security features to secure business communication and collaboration, including:

  • Security controls for administrators allow your business to manage access to sensitive information, control user permissions, and set up alerts and notifications for suspicious activity. The system also provides detailed audit logs for tracking and investigating security incidents.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of protection to the login process to prevent unauthorised access to the system, protecting sensitive data and information. Users must provide two or more login credentials, such as a password, a fingerprint, or a facial recognition scan.
  • Regular software updates address any cyber security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the system, ensuring that the platform remains secure and protected against cyber threats.

With regular security updates and a commitment to security, the cyber security capabilities in Microsoft Teams Phone make a compelling reason to adopt the platform.

Make admin easier for your IT team

Managing a company’s communication and collaboration system can be daunting for IT teams. The increasing complexity of technology and the constant need to update and maintain systems can be challenging and time-consuming. Microsoft Teams Phone offers a range of features that make administration easier.

  • Centralised management allows IT to manage the entire communication and collaboration system from one location. IT can manage user accounts, configure settings, and deploy updates without navigating multiple systems or interfaces.
  • A user-friendly interface makes the platform easy to navigate and manage. IT teams can quickly make changes and updates to the system without extensive training or technical knowledge of the platform.
  • Integration with existing Microsoft platforms, such as Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, means your IT team can manage Microsoft Teams Phone from the same interface as other Microsoft systems, reducing the need for multiple logins and interfaces. This integration also allows for a more streamlined approach to managing user accounts and permissions, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

With these features, IT teams can focus on other critical tasks, ensuring your company’s technology runs smoothly and efficiently.

Modern call management for hybrid workplaces

With your team working from different locations and leveraging various devices, managing communication and collaboration has become more complex for the individual. Microsoft Teams Phone provides modern call management features for hybrid workplaces, enabling your team to stay connected and up-to-date with communications, regardless of where or how they work.

  • Intelligent call routing automatically routes calls to the appropriate person or department based on pre-defined rules, reducing the need for people to manually transfer calls, saving time and mitigating the risk of errors. Intelligent call routing also ensures that calls are directed to the most appropriate person or department, improving the customer experience and reducing wait times.
  • Call recording and transcriptions are useful features available in Microsoft Teams Phone. Call recording allows users to record audio and video calls for future reference or for compliance reasons. Transcriptions convert recorded audio into written text, making reviewing and searching for important information easier.
  • Device switching allows users to change devices while on a call, enabling them to transfer calls from one device to another without interruption.

Deliver a productive solution to your team

Application switching is one issue that causes people to lose productivity in their day. With a wide range of features and tools, Microsoft Teams Phone can help your team to work more efficiently by enabling them to work out of a unified communications solution.

  • Schedule meetings in the Microsoft Teams Phone app. Users can create a new meeting or schedule an existing one, invite participants, and send out meeting invitations, all from the convenience of their phones.
  • Access voicemail and transcriptions directly from the Microsoft Teams Phone app or from your email. Users can listen to their voicemail messages, read transcriptions, and respond to messages quickly and easily without navigating to a separate voicemail system.
  • Automation and integration features streamline workflows and reduce manual tasks. For example, users can set up rules to automatically forward calls or messages to a specific person or group when they are not available.

By streamlining workflows and reducing manual tasks, users can focus on what’s important and do more with less.

Soma can deploy Microsoft Teams Phone in your business

Our experts do more than deploy Microsoft Teams Phone. We analyse your communication needs and design a platform that aligns with your business requirements. We align expectations by discussing preferences, going through call flows and designing the solution. Our team maintains collaboration and productivity after the project’s completion to ensure the solutions continue serving your business. Please visit our Microsoft Teams Calling page for more.

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