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How to Choose a Managed Service Provider for your Dental Practice

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No doubt, having an MSP to manage the IT requirements of your dental practice offers multiple benefits. But, be sure to consider the following before you sign up with one. This week, our managed IT services team shares their top tips for a FAQ ‘How to choose an IT managed service provider’ for your dental practice. Continue reading for more.

How to Choose a Managed Service Provider – Our Top Tips


Check how experienced your MSP is in their line of business. How long have they been providing managed services? How many clients are they serving currently? What kind of managed services are they well versed with? Getting answers to these questions is very important before you proceed with them.


Ask your MSP to provide you with references of existing clients. Preferably, ask for a couple of references from clients that belong to your own industry–medical/dental practices. Sometimes, there are certain IT challenges/requirements that are very industry specific and you want to be sure that your MSP will be able to handle them for you.


When your IT system breaks, it can virtually bring your whole dental practice to a grinding halt. What you need is quick, timely support. Signing up with an MSP who is close to your location and can be at your office on short notice is a huge plus.

Downtime guarantee

Check if your MSP offers cyber insurance or downtime guarantee. When your IT shuts down, you lose business. Many MSPs provide downtime guarantee, that is, a commitment that your downtime will be limited to a certain number of hours–sometimes even zero. In the event this guarantee is breached, the MSP will compensate you. Opting for an MSP that offers such guarantees is simply safer.

Hiring an MSP to manage the IT needs of your dental practice is a great decision that can save you both– time and money. The right MSP partner will help you grow and grow with you.

Interested to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about how to choose a managed service provider for your dental practice, talk to a tech expert from our managed services team on 1300 131 559 or get in touch with us online today!

Updated 25/03/2021

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