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Why You Need Mobile Device Management Delivered by MSP?

Why You Need Mobile Device Management Delivered By A Managed Services Provider

Mobile devices have become central to our daily work. When we talk about mobile devices, we do not just mean smartphones and tablets; we also include laptops in this equation.

While mobile device management has been a critical concern since laptops become core to our work, the fact that many of us now follow hybrid work models means that even more devices are accessing company accounts and data, from various locations.

With the increased use of devices comes an even greater need for security, with data breaches posing a severe threat to businesses of all sizes. Your company needs measures to protect devices from cyber threats, monitor activity, set up new devices and install business applications.

What does Mobile Device Management (MDM) cover?

MDM is a powerful tool that helps organisations control, secure and manage users’ mobile devices. With MDM software, IT administrators can remotely manage and configure corporate-owned or personally-owned devices with the click of a button. They can create policies that specify the type of content people can access, the apps they can use, and even remotely wipe or lock specific devices in the event of them becoming lost or stolen.

MDM enables IT administrators to monitor the health of mobile devices in real-time, detect suspicious activity, and secure all corporate data.

What Benefits does MDM Deliver?

Mobile device management delivers various benefits to your organisation, especially by addressing the challenges with deploying and managing IT, like setting up new devices and protecting sensitive data. MDM delivers the following benefits:

  • Easy onboarding for new hires: MDM is a great tool for onboarding new hires. The IT team can quickly provide devices to new employees, install the required apps and ensure that their devices comply with corporate security policies.
  • Configure devices: MDM makes it easy to configure devices for specific needs, such as restricting access to certain applications or providing customised access levels to different users. By enabling secure and efficient onboarding and configuration processes, MDM helps your organisation maximise workforce productivity.
  • Control and deploy updates: MDM platforms allow IT teams to remotely push software updates and patches to update all devices with the latest operating system and software updates.
  • Overview of cyber security: MDM provides an overview of the security measures for devices connected to the organisation, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other mobile device. MDM keeps devices up-to-date with current security protocols and regularly checks for potential threats.
  • Data backup to prevent data loss: MDM provides a powerful tool for protecting organisations from data loss. It backs up data so that if something happens to the mobile device, all of the important information is still accessible even after remotely wiping it.

What Drives the Need for MDM?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming increasingly popular for many businesses worldwide, and MDM is critical to managing this. With this trend, employees can use their devices for work or purchase a device of their choosing they will use solely for work.

Compliance and data security requirements also drive the need for MDM. With so many people accessing company data – sometimes from more than one device – it is essential that user profiles and logins are locked down to prevent the wrong people from gaining access. MDM software provides a window into user activity and enables the IT team to block unauthorised users from accessing apps and data.

How a Managed Services Company Takes Care of This?

When it comes to mobile device management, your business can benefit from partnering with a managed solutions provider.

First, the managed services provider will ensure that your employees’ devices comply with company policies and security protocols. They will proactively monitor devices in real time and quickly respond to security threats or breaches, which helps keep your data safe and secure. 

Second, a managed services provider can reduce the costs of managing mobile devices in-house. Your business can save time and money by not hiring additional staff to handle device management tasks. You also will not have to worry about the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware or software.

Finally, a managed services provider can provide expert advice and guidance on managing mobile devices. They will provide helpful insights into maximising device performance and offer solutions for any technical issues that may arise.

Overall, partnering with a managed services provider is an excellent way to get the most from your MDM solution without spending extra time or money on additional resources.

Let Soma manage mobile device management for you!

With technology specialists becoming harder to find and more expensive to hire, we recommend engaging with a IT managed service provider to deploy and maintain your infrastructure and ensure staff get the best experience at work.

Our fully-managed IT solutions deliver 24/7 support that scales as your business grows. We provide unlimited and all-inclusive support, maintenance and management to Australian businesses in locations such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart.

By providing managed services in Australia, soma offers a single point of contact, convenience and flexibility for your IT needs. Visit our Managed Services page for more information.

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