“Stay safe, follow the guidelines & be kind to each other…”


At soma technology group we’re not a fan of the term “social distancing”. Physical distancing is a better term. We believe that in times of crisis we need to strengthen our social connectivity, reach out to and support our community, speak with and be kind to everyone we can. We will get through this…

Changes in how we live, and work are not going to be voluntary, embracing change will see us recover more quickly and be better equipped in the future.

From a “professional” viewpoint, soma is privileged to be in the MSP space – working remotely to support our customers is what we do. It is not new to us; we can answer your questions and satisfy your concerns. With nearly 20 years of experience we know that our solutions, policies, support & back-up works. Whether your team is having to embrace working remotely for the first time, or it is part of your current ecosystem, soma will review, advise and improve your environment.

Contact us at hello@soma.com.au or visit us at www.soma.com.,au

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