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soma technology group’s Guardian Range Thermal Camera Fever Screening & People Counting technology

Our Guardian Range will provide a safer environment for your staff and customers. soma’s fully managed Fever Screening Solutions comprise the latest thermal imaging camera(s) with or without integrated Access Control and People Counting in real-time. Fast, accurate, contactless screening of groups of people in high flow areas or simple meeting and access points.


soma technology group will configure and manage the solution most appropriate to your application including Hospitality, Healthcare, Professional Rooms, Offices, Warehouses and Retail. Our Guardian Range can be mixed & matched to suit your venue. From the Guardian Budget Bundle entry solution (with or without multiple access points), to the Guardian Crowd Bundle, soma can add people counting in real time to any Guardian product across the range.

Using an easily installed soma Guardian Solution shows your people and customers that you’re prioritizing their safety to ensure an enhanced customer experience. Our Guardian Budget Bundle starts from as little as $4,990 + Config, installation and management.

soma technology group was established in 2004 and we are specialists in implementing elegant, secure and effective solutions that will bolster and grow with your business. Soma technology group is an ISO 9001 Approved Company. Finance is available across the Guardian Range plus you should ask your financial advisor for details about the Australian Government’s instant asset write-off for eligible businesses.

  • Accurate temperature measurement, safe and effective.
  • Non-conact screening, fast pass.
  • Multi-person measurement, efficient access.
  • Visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking.
  • Non-mask detection for the intelligent control.

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