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Major Events Gold Coast Take Their Operations To The Cloud


The Need

Formerly known as the Broadbeach Alliance, and long-term soma technology group clients, the Alliance became part of the amalgamation that is today known as Major Events Gold Coast (MEGC). In fact, three existing events-based entities now make up MEGC, they were the Surfers Paradise Alliance, the Southern Gold Coast and of course the Broadbeach Alliance. Providing an IT environment within the new single Surfers Paradise based location was the most obvious need.

The Solution
Planning and mapping this process commenced in November 2019. An agreed deadline of 1 July 2020 was set, This timeframe also included a new fit out of the MEGC Surfers Paradise premises. MEGC tasked soma with the entire ICT fit-out incorporating but not limited to, new hardware, network and server infrastructure and the entire migration from the former locations.
The Benefit
Appreciating the requirement of a new unified ICT environment and the resulting benefits to MEGC was critical. The essence of delivering this project on time and within budget lay in clear communication from the soma team to MEGC stakeholders. Co-ordinating suppliers, imagining the result and careful attention to every detail rested with soma technology group. MEGC now operate from a state-of-the-art premises supported by current technology that will flex with their business.

Major Events Gold Coast are the Official home of Major events on the Gold Coast and they require state-of-the-art technology to support their business

Building and maintaining this technology rests with soma technology group & they have transformed and simplified a multi-site network into the MEGC of today.

The MEGC team is a force of innovative event specialists, determined to ignite the city with a vibrant array of festivals, sporting and cultural events that embrace diversity and showcase the Gold Coast as a world class, global event destination. Naturally MEGC suppliers need to reflect the same vision and corporate values – enter soma technology group as the MEGC ICT Partner.

In consultation Major Events Gold Coast and soma technology group knew that they had to redefine, simplify, and maintain the ICT environment for the new offices of MEGC. Aggressive goals, timeframes and benchmarks were mutually agreed to gauge progress. Cornerstones for MEGC were:

  • The project was to be delivered on time and on budget
  • 100% Cloud based with anywhere anytime access
  • Enterprise grade network security and business continuity on an SME budget
  • Minimal impact to business activity during the merge of the three existing ICT environments
  • A digital telephony solution easily integrated within the office, remote workplaces, and mobiles
  • A Cloud based wireless mesh network across the whole site, plus a fully redundant high-speed internet network.
CEO for MEGC Jan McCormick is delighted with the outcome – “We Love Soma!” she said​.

The project was often difficult, but Soma dealt with and managed every aspect with professionalism that was complimented by clear communication between each party. Jan McCormick made specific mention of two soma team leaders Mik Kirk and Vivek Morar. “Being able to access either Viv or Mik directly and, knowing that they are literally ‘just up the road’, is an added bonus for MEGC”.

Soma Technology Group’s COO, Aaron Prout reaffirms the Soma ethos of “striving toward never ending improvement. This allows us to constantly evolve and build the skills and efficiencies that our clients such as MEGC have learned to rely upon”.

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