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IT Managed Services for Business: A Response to the Great Resignation

It Managed Services For Business A Response To The Great Resignation

Experts worldwide have cited various causes for the motivations creating the Great Resignation. The pandemic saw low staff levels and high work demand, causing people to reconsider their job satisfaction. Those who experienced remote work have drawn conclusions about the benefits of flexible work, with some people only willing to join organisations that support work-from-anywhere.

So, how do you reduce the number of people submitting their resignations? There is no single, clear-cut answer to retention. However, one method for improving employee experience is ensuring you have a technology stack that engages people and supports them with an excellent employee experience.

But, the Great Resignation has also made in-house IT professionals harder to find and hire. IT managed services for business fills the following gaps in your organisation and enables an excellent employee experience driven by technology.

IT Managed Services Deliver Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing provides instant access to the tools and resources people need to thrive at work. Previously, if you wanted to implement a new tool, you had to install software or add servers to support your required capabilities. Such a process was (and still is) expensive, time-consuming and required specialised knowledge.

With cloud computing, you can access software, servers, and other resources needed via the internet. You no longer need to purchase and maintain hardware, and your staff can access information from any location with an internet connection.

When people have access to work resources from anywhere, they can do their jobs from anywhere. With flexibility high on the priority list for 70% of workers, implementing a robust cloud solution is an excellent perk that might convince employees to stay with your company.

An IT managed services provider can help you adopt cloud computing by providing the necessary infrastructure and support. They often have options and advice available so you can avoid the high upfront costs associated with adopting the cloud.

Get the Right Collaboration Tools for Your Business

Communication and collaboration technology has become indispensable for a hybrid workplace. Email, video conferencing, chat apps and project management software have become cornerstones of how many businesses operate. Your employees expect access to tools that allow them to communicate effectively and collaborate with as few issues as possible. When these tools are reliable and easy to use, employees are more productive and happier at work.

The wrong collaboration and communication tools seriously hinder productivity and increase frustration among your staff. Moreover, if you do not get everyone on the same page with communication policies, you might experience serious roadblocks. For example, if several people communicate via email when they should be using a chat program, important messages become lost to inboxes.

An IT managed solutions provider chooses the right collaboration and productivity tools for your business by assessing your needs, recommending the tools best suited to you, deploying them across the organisation and providing ongoing support.

Support Staff With Online Training Tools

Online training tools are an excellent way to invest in your employees’ development and potentially improve retention. Moreover, if you adopt new technology, you may struggle to see its success if your staff have not received the right training to leverage it at its full capacity.

Online training tools provide various resources that employees can use to improve their skills and knowledge, which helps them be more successful in their roles.

One of the benefits of online training tools is that employees can access them anytime, from anywhere. Online training tools, like video tutorials, can be customised to meet the specific needs of each employee. Finally, because they are available anytime, anywhere, people can access the training resources to refresh their memory or skill up on something when it arises in their job.

Another benefit of using online training tools is that they reduce the time and money spent on employee training programs. Online training tools are often more cost-effective than traditional training methods where you bring your team into one room and deliver a long training session.

An IT managed services provider can assist with establishing online training tools by providing the resources needed. They also act as technical support when employees come up against issues, so you know that help is never far away.

Technology for Enhancing Onboarding

While the Great Resignation has us focused on minimising the number of people who leave, you should also focus on those you onboard. The onboarding process is more than introducing your new hire to the company and team; it is when they become acquainted with your technology and operations.

If you fail to provide people with the right technology to get started in their new role, they may not decide to stay as long because they had a bad experience. If the onboarding process is rushed or poorly executed, it can lead to employees feeling lost and unsupported.

Fortunately, technology can improve the onboarding experience and make people feel supported in their roles. This point goes back to selecting the right communication tools and training people on them. New hires need the tech to get help if they encounter a problem. When you have an IT managed services provider available, they can assist new people with setting up technology.

By automating onboarding processes and providing employees with access to digital resources, you can ensure they have everything they need to hit the ground running.

How Soma Supports Your Workforce Through Technology

With technology specialists becoming harder to find and more expensive to hire, I recommend engaging with a managed IT services provider to deploy and maintain your infrastructure and ensure staff get the best experience at work.

Our fully-managed IT solutions deliver 24/7 support that scales as your business grows. We provide unlimited and all-inclusive support, maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure at a fixed monthly cost. As your IT managed service provider, soma offers a single point of contact, convenience and flexibility for your IT needs.

Visit our Managed Services page for more information.

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